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Moon Cleanse

for detox

A Day’s Supply contains 5 Drinks X 250ml & 2 drinks X 50 ml

This 24 hours fast, includes a set of 7 drinks that you consume through the day. You must eat only one meal: which is dinner, post 7 pm or after moonrise.

Glug Guide

  • 01 DETOX SHOTParsley & Coriander
  • 02 THE NOURISHERPomegranate, Orange, Spinach & Lemon
  • 03 MOON MYLK Spirulina & Spearmint almond milk with Raw Honey
  • 04 CHIA LEMONADEApple & Cinnamon infused lemonade with Chia Seeds
  • 05 THE STARTER Lemon, Parsley, Turmeric, Ginger, Peppermint, Raw Honey & Alkaline Water
  • 06 THE POLISHERPear, Pineapple, Arugula, Green Tea, Ginger, Peppermint, Cinnamon & Ashwagandha Extract
  • 07 BEAUTY SHOT Bamboo extract & Lotus Stem juice

* On the cleanse you sustain yourself on liquids alone through the day.
* You can supplement our juices with 6-7 glasses of water.
* Our juices are to be consumed at intervals of 60-90 minutes through the day.
* After the last drink of the day or at moonrise you go onto eat a light dinner


  • * Dinner should mainly be vegetables, lentils (dal) and some source of fat: either ghee / coconut oil / or extra virgin olive oil.
  • * Do not eat refined grains, instead opt for whole grains, especially besan, corn & millets.
  • * Try to keep it vegetarian and stay away from raw foods for dinner.

No Info

I love eating out , travelling and sampling new cuisines. But sometimes you need to slow down and give your system a break. A couple of days of delicious , carefully prepared, coldpressed, organic juice by Antidote is just what the doctor ordered ! My favourite juice is the almond milk one from the Light Up Cleanse. Antidote delivers to your doorstep on the morning of your cleanse, allowing you to start your day on the right foot, from the moment you open your eyes!

Maia Sethna

I have been a huge fan of the absolutely delightful Antidote juices since day one! To be able to detox and enjoy something so delicious at the same time -- what more could one ask for! From my favourite mouth-watering conditioner to their light and refreshing alkaliser, each juice is a wonderful mix of enriching nutrients and heavenly flavours. Having them simply makes you happy!

Gauri Karan

Antidote has become my weekly regime. My energy levels have increased and the great thing is that they taste good as well.

Namrata Joshipura

Whenever in Delhi, I have to get my ANTIDOTE delivered to me. Favourites are the Exhale & Nine Lives Programs!

Manish Arora

love ANTIDOTE drinks!!

Kalpana Bedi

Hi I'm Seema Diwan and I've been having Antidote juices fr more than a year now..
I keep switching programs... Have tried the exhale and skinny and they are amazing..I had to say after having them I feel amazing..i feel like it cleans up my whole system, the ingredients are amazing and the combination of different fruits and vegetables and some super foods is excellent .. They are amazing blends.. Some ingredients like ashwagandha, raw honey, moringa extract, green coffee are amazing..
I'm totally addicted to their juices and I'm glad I found them.. Also their customer service is excellent..
Thank you girls you are doing a fantastic Antidote..
Stay healthy Stay fresh

Seema Diwan
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