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The Elixir

drink your green!



kale, cucumber, tomato, celery, black pepper & sea salt

not for nothing is Kale called the queen of greens—its high on fibre, low in calories & has zero fat, yet it provides you with essential omega fatty acids! it’s also an excellent source of iron, sulfur, calcium & vitamins A, C & K. phew! further fueled with silicon-rich Cucumber & lycopene-loaded Tomatoes that banish fine lines and make your skin feel like silk. this genius juice is topped off with a pinch of Black Pepper to improve digestion & Sea Salt to pack in the minerals.

Nutritional Facts

as per every 250 ml Calories: 31.3 cal
Fat0 g
Energy31.3 cal
Protein1.75 g
Carbohydrates6.08 g