Our Story

NADIA, has always been passionate about building brands and relationships. she took up brand consultancy with a law firm in the UK after having specialised in marketing & management. this resulted in her collaborating closely with global f&b leaders. a glimpse into the declining dietary value and poor practices of the food industry left her with a renewed urge to follow her first love - nutrition and wellness- straight from the heart. working with stalwarts in the f&b sector has provided her with the much-needed insight to lay the foundation for ANTIDOTE!

she has been juicing and radiating since!

CAROL, started out with a successful career in fashion, having worked with big names such as Harper's Bazaar as a stylist & editor for multiple years after garnering a masters in Milan. however, a career in media and journalism meant long, erratic hours, smattered with indulgent parties & mindless bingeing that eventually took a toll on her health. it was during this time that she realised the need to dote on one's body in order to keep it at it's best. during her time off to pamper herself back to stellar condition she conceived the idea and concept behind ANTIDOTE!

she has been juicing and glowing since!

SIMRAN, a home-maker & nutrionist, was driven to a more holistic approach to life as her health deteriorated without any real reason. she was later diagnosed with Celiac disease, an allergy to wheat, which had caused deep-rooted deficiencies in the body. being a mother of four and constantly challenged with new health concerns she dove into a detailed study on the path to wellness through natural supplementation. she is the brain behind ANTIDOTE!

she has been juicing and beaming since!

ADHIRAJ, a sports enthusiast and finance professional, took to a healthy lifestyle with ease. Afflicted by Celiac Disease, he was moved by the abundance of health & wellness solutions on offer in the UK, where he lived for four years. Adhiraj rejected a full time offer and moved back with a desire to make available similar solutions in India to those seeking healthier alternatives to their current lifestyles. With his unique inputs on the functionality of our drinks and an analytical mindset acquired as a result of varied work experiences, Adhiraj is the driving force behind ANTIDOTE!

He has been juicing and beasting since!